Chester County, PA Car Accident Attorney

Chester County, PA Personal Injury Attorney | Car Accident Lawyer in Chester County, PA

Chester County, PA Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been injured in a car accident, you should call Brian Andris immediately. Car accidents involve complex insurance issues that Mr. Andris can handle while you focus on recovering. Even if your injury appears to be minor at first, it is important to contact Mr. Andris right away because even low impact accidents frequently cause “latent” injuries that manifest later and cause serious pain and suffering, disruption to your personal life and cause you to miss substantial time from work. Mr. Andris will represent you from beginning to end, protecting your rights against insurance carriers who will undoubtedly try to settle with you for far less than your claim is worth and long before you can appreciate the full extent of your injuries. Call now if you, a loved one or a friend has been in an accident and you want to talk to an attorney. When you call 610-585-1256, Mr. Andris, not a receptionist and not an answering service, will answer the phone. If you reach his voicemail, please leave call back information, and you will receive a return telephone call, usually within one (1) hour.


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